Happy Coconuts Hostel
434 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Sucat, Manila, Philippines

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Wow coconuts! SAFE, cozy, clean, relaxing hostel. Nearest (!) Metro Manila\'s 4 international & domestic airports! Why pay more in other places (some even unsafe areas)? Here safest place & fun neighborhood. Security is your #1 priority when travelling here in Manila, & that\'s our advantage in this very secure yet fun location... Pls ask staff to let you call me the owner for tips on nearby fun places to unwind & relax... :)

we are near here at world\'s 3rd biggest (and #1 most fun) mall, the SM Mall of Asia! Justin Bieber concert there May 2011!

enjoy, chill out & relax in our tropical gardens, you can also do BBQ here!... rest... or walk over to nearby restos and bars, spas, other fun. Buy cold beers here. Philippine rhum is cheaper than bottled water, true!

***Please see more photos of Happy Coconuts Hostel at our Facebook page & click \'like\' to our fan page :)

SAFETY FIRST WHEN IN MANILA! This is one address where we can guarantee your safety in Metro Manila, because of our safest area in the city... No. 1 concern of tourists or international travellers in Asia should be the issue of safety, here we are in a fun but safest area of the city... Please choose your location carefully, safe location is better for peace of mind so do not go to places with strange locations... We are a simple, comfortable place with the safest location.... March to April is HOLY WEEK & SUMMER holidays in the Philippines, if you want ride buses or local planes or ships to our beaches or other provinces, please reserve early because many people are going back to their provinces for vacations...in HOLY WEEK, we suggest you either party with young people worldwide in Boracay or Palawan beaches, or watch flagellants who crucify themselves on crosses in provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, etc.

(Note---International travellers staying here, their top favorite tourist destinations are---world\'s smallest active volcano TAAL VOLCANO in Tagaytay to South of Metro Manila not far from us & you can ride the bus there, world\'s 3rd biggest mall & by Manila Bay SM MALL OF ASIA, etc., and fly via nearby airports with budget airlines Cebu Pacific Air, Seair, Zestair or Philippine Airlines to the sizzling world-famous beaches of BORACAY, BOHOL, PALAWAN, etc!)

go nuts with coconuts, be happy! Go loco over coco, hahaha! \'Buko\' or \'Coconut\' is a most popular fruit of the tropical island paradise of the Philippines, this is what makes our islands unique... be heathy & happy like our Happy Coconuts Hostel... :) Hey, by the way, in 2009, we here the happy isles of the Philippines produced 15,319,500 tons of coconuts! We\'re a harmless non-nuclear world power in cocos!!! Heard coconut fruit is also an aphrodisiac, and virgin coconut oil is good for use in cosmetics and helping make skin beautiful!

LIVIN LA VIDA LOCO (check YouTube for Ricky Martin\'s song with this title, this song exemplifies Happy Coconuts Hostel\'s vibrant philosophy of be happy!) ...CREATE FUN, CELEBRATE FUN! cozy fun-loving backpackers international hostel & inn NEAREST biggest 4 airports (sleep well & not rush for your flights to other isles like Boracay, Palawan, etc.)... named after Philippines\' #1 most popular & healthiest coconut fruits...be happy, go nuts, why not... come!

SAFEST, CONVENIENT LOCATION IN SOUTH OF CITY---safe & fun area south of Metro Manila, the new & dynamic city center in the south and near the country\'s biggest malls (SM Sucat, SM MALL of ASIA, etc.), near casinos like Resorts World, entertainment centers too like Alabang Town Center...also on the way to & near booming south Luzon region like Laguna & Batangas provinces famous for Taal Volcano & many beaches, near boomtowns of Santa Rosa, resort city Tagaytay, Canlubang, etc. The South of Metro Manila is the future of the Philippines, it is the ultimate new city center with limitless adventures, pleasures and zest!

THIS IS NUTS?III COLD BEERS!!! There are 24 beers in one case, there are 24 hours in a day, what a coincidence! Happy Coconuts Hostel also has only 24 beds here, Exclusive, Private, Safe, FUN, so we maintain clean, fun, comfortable & quality place for your great sleep... AND WE SELL COLD BEERS 24-HOURS EVERYDAY! CHEERS!

SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, CLEAN ENVIRONMENT---24-hours security for the whole neighborhood, for best safety in the city, no other hostel\'s neighborhood has private security guard outposts and peaceful area...

GO LOCO WITH Free WiFi for laptops in garden area, in rooms, in our lounge areas, verandah, in patio...
FREE use of Internet, all hot showers, cozy common areas like lounge, living room, verandah, patio, small garden, enjoy tropical nature!

FREE AGAIN to relax! no curfews, best safety, good sleep, warm smiles, go loco with our coco place :)

EXERCISE, STROLL, JOG FOR GOOD HEALTH, because we\'re only few minutes\' walking distance to restos/bars/banks, 24-hours public transport just outside

RELAX & READ---FREE library of books and magazines, all bedrooms are air-conditioned whether private bedroom or shared dorm room, international cable TV, guest kitchen, and many more!

Why not go nuts with Coconuts, go loco with Cocos... Warmest Welcome to the fun-loving free-wheeling, carefree Happy Coconuts Hostel, Manila\'s newest, coziest (happiest) international youth hostel and inn...

We are very new, so we have only a simple sign outside with the name \'Happy Coconuts\'... please look for our address with bamboo walls...

COCO ADDRESS...Happy Coconuts Hostel
#434 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

from airports, ride taxi to \'BF HOMES\' by passing \'SUCAT ROAD\' (it\'s official name is Dr. A Santos Avenue, but taxi drivers and people still call it SUCAT ROAD... pronounced as \'Soo-kat\')... from airports, count the fourth (4th) 7-11 store, ask taxi driver to turn right at LOPEZ AVENUE, then pass security gate of BF HOMES, then connect to EL GRANDE AVENUE... we are located on the left side HAPPY COCONUTS HOSTEL is open 24-hours everyday).

If Public transport, from airports, try riding colorful and uniquely Filipino \'jeepneys\' to go Sucat Road... tell jeepney driver that you want to go down at \'Lopez Avenue\' near 7-11 store... then go down, look for tricycles on left side of street, tell tricycle driver you want to go to No. 434 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, just several minutes away.

We are an international hostel that hopes to be a unique, comfortable, relaxing and convenient place for all the world\'s travellers, backpackers and tourists.

We look forward to the privilege of welcoming you and to be of service.

Go Nuts with Coconuts, join us & have carefree fun! Relax, sleep well... Happy Coconuts Hostel :)




we have a simple tarpaulin sign outside of 'Happy Coconuts', look for our address... sometimes the house across street from us selling some fruits (except very late at night)...

#434 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

From the airports, suggest you get ordinary taxis (ask airport guards or staff to show you DEPARTURE AREA where many ordinary taxis) and no need use more expensive yellow-colored special airport taxis...

Tell taxi driver to use the taxi meter, show him address and tell him you are guest of your friend Wilson

Tell taxi driver to bring you to 'BF Homes' by passing Sucat (pronounced 'Soo-kat') Road...

When you are travelling from airport and passing Sucat Road, look for the 7-11 store (please count, this is the fourth or 4th 7-11 store there...) and also near Banco Filipino Bank, turn right to LOPEZ AVENUE... this LOPEZ AVENUE connects to a gate and EL GRANDE AVENUE in few minutes... HAPPY COCONUTS HOSTEL is located on the left side of EL GRANDE AVENUE...


Various suggestions on how to reach us... by the way, if you have any questions, or if you are lost or you want hotel's young owner Wilson to talk to you,
***Note---suggest you get FREE Metro Manila and Philippine maps at counters in airport just before you get out of airports...

BY TAXI...(take metered taxis, not the more expensive coupon taxis...ask airport staff how you can go to DEPARTURE area where there are usually many ordinary metered taxis from passengers going to airport)...From the airports, please tell taxi driver to bring you to SUCAT ROAD and tell him to enter LOPEZ AVENUE...in Sucat Road, watch out out for the fourth (4th) 7-11 store (across street is a BANCO FILIPINO branch) to turn Right there into LOPEZ AVENUE, then Lopez Avenue connects immediately to El Grande Avenue, then we are on the left side

Be sure that taxi driver uses his taxi meter, because we are just so near the airports, especially if no rush-hour traffic jams.

***Reminder---PLEASE NOTE, turn right on Sucat Road only when you see a building with 7-11 store (this is the 4th or fourth 7-11 store in Sucat Road & with BANCO FILIPINO BANK across street). This one is building 7-11, turn Right here from Sucat Road and enter LOPEZ AVENUE...Thanks!

***NOTE ON TAXIS FROM AIRPORT: Coupon (pre-paid) taxis are available at the airports to bring you to our inn or any other place. Rates are fixed and dependent on the destination and generally are more expensive compared to what you would pay in an ordinary metered taxi. Coupon taxi counters usually are found immediately after exiting customs in our airports. Expect to pay somewhere between US$10 to 15 for destinations within Metro Manila. The usual metered taxis are generally not allowed at the Arrival Terminal of airports so you would either need to catch an ordinary metered taxi un-loading passengers at the Departure Area of the airport or outside the airport complex. This may be easier said than done however, particularly when lugging around kilos upon kilos of baggage. But if you don't have lots of luggage, it's best to get ordinary metered taxis for lower fare.

IF YOU CARRY ONLY BACKPACKS & DO NOT HAVE BIG LUGGAGE, TRY PHILIPPINE JEEPNEYS FOR FUN! BY 'JEEPNEY' PUBLIC TRANSPORT, outside the airport, look for jeepneys going the SUCAT direction, then tell jeepney driver you will go SUCAT ROAD (also called Dr. Santos Avenue) and tell jeepney driver you want to stop at LOPEZ AVENUE and you need pay only P10 to P12 pesos each person, go down when you see the 4th (fourth) 7-11 store (nearby across street is Banco Fil